Creative Engagement Lab

Making space for educators to develop as pedagogical artists


Why Creative Engagement?

Creative engagement considers the whole body as the medium of the mind.

Our model of creative engagement merges the fields of creativity research, arts education, educational psychology, and affective neuroscience to integrate multiple arts disciplines across content areas.

In creative engagement, a learner must have the autonomy to feel and think for themselves using the whole body to shape meaning. An individual must feel belonging within their learning community in order to take risks, interpret their world, and connect with and learn from others. A learner must have time to develop competency to engage emotionally in learning and form the confidence, skills, and habits of mind to be flexible, make mistakes, be resilient, and have discipline. 

Experiential and reflective learning is a process of creative engagement with the world around us. We make meaning about what we learn through all of the senses—through the entire viscera of our body—not just the neural synapses firing off in our brains. How we feel determines how we will think and how we will draw on that thinking in the future.  

Creative engagement harnesses the myriad creative resources—behaviors, thinking, and mindsets—that each individual brings to learning. By framing arts integration practices through a framework for creative engagement, educators and students become aware of themselves as a creative resource, leading to deeper teaching and learning. 



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